Socio-economic data


This Community of Practice is led by CIMMYT and has been launched as a part of the CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture.

The Community of Practice on socio-economic data aims at bringing together CGIAR centers, academia, not-for-profit research and development organizations and private sector partners willing to tackle  major issues related to socio-economic (survey) data, and moving forward to making the data interoperable, in order to enhance impact and the use of CGIAR related socio-economic data for partners in development.

This is part of the Platform’s Module #2: Convene which help increase the exposure of CGIAR’s work on big data, and build capacity internally and externally on big data approaches in agriculture.

This space can be used as a discussion area, share and request relevant information and contribute towards building the community as a whole.




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Gideon Kruseman

Gideon Kruseman

Community of Practice- Leader, CIMMYT

Download the Workplan here

Results of the  first CoP meeting brainstorming session