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The Crop Modeling CoP hosts a series of different short-life working groups and projects where the real work of the community takes place.

Peer-review Group

The aim of this group is to increase visibility and accessibility of crop modeling research activities through the publication of peer-review papers of interest and highlighting the last crop modeling research outcomes of interest to the crop modeling community. This group is currently working in the elaboration of 4 reviews that will showcase on-going modeling activities and potential impacts from CGIAR and partners among the main drivers of cropping systems:

  • Breeding (G Group)
  • Environment (E Group)
  • Crop Management (M group)
  • Policy and Socio-Economic (S group)


The Crop Model CoP is in a unique position to convene a global consortium to address technology gaps that may otherwise slow the adoption or reduce impacts of recent investments in crop improvement. To identify these gaps, the CMGap group is conducting a wide gap analysis of modeling approaches and capabilities within the CGIAR centers and main partners to determine strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and needs in terms of modeling capacity and expertize.

CM Outreach Group

Increasing visibility and accessibility of crop research data is a key point to improve the global coordination of crop modeling efforts in agricultural research. The CM Outreach working group aims to accelerate dissemination of new crop information and technologies, share crop modeling skills, outcomes, opportunities, impacts and to promote FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Re-usable) crop research data.

Fundraising Group

In order to continue and extend the activities of the Crop Modeling CoP there is a need for increased and sustainable funding. This working group will be in charge of developing outreaching proposals for attracting funds for the CoP. This group will be constituted during 2018 and is open to dedicated contributors who have fundraising/campaign background and grant-writing skill and interest in crop modeling.

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