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Disrupting Impact Assessment

Applying new tools to unchain impact assessment for agriculture research for development

For fifty years CGIAR has worked to deliver technologies, tools, and insights that reduce poverty, enhance food and nutrition security, and improve environmental sustainability. The impact of CGIAR efforts is regularly documented to learn how to link agricultural research most effectively with development, and to deliver evidence to funders about how their investment in CGIAR research is paying off.

Over the years, impact assessments have been very successful in documenting adoption of agricultural technologies, techniques and innovations. However, such impact assessments have been costly to carry out and have not always demonstrated the overall impact of research on environmental and policy-related outcomes.  New tools and methods are necessary to expand the reach of impact assessments while reducing the cost and turnaround time.

In combination with new information sources from next-generation tools, big data presents an important opportunity to better measure, monitor and understand CGIAR impact more effectively. Satellites and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles could be employed to automatically monitor the adoption of new technologies, web and mobile tools could be set up to harvest information on behavior and outcomes, and machine learning could be developed to sort and identify impact from existing national statistics. These are just some areas where big data related disruptions might be used to better monitor progress on intermediate outcomes and show CGIAR impact.

This Inspire project is interested in innovative tools that use new data capture systems and analytical approaches to revolutionize the way we build evidence of impact in agricultural research.

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