About Socio-economic CoP | CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture


Socio-economic data—collected by government surveys, CGIAR researchers and partners in academia, and businesses and non-government organizations—are used to enhance and trace the impact of international agricultural research, and for policy-making purposes. In the target geographies of CGIAR, low and middle-income countries where major food commodities are produced, if socio-economic data exist at all, they are rarely findable, accessible, interoperable or reusable (FAIR).

Economic data are typically semi- or unstructured, and therefore messier to manage and analyze than genetic data, for example. With data from 180,000 annual household interviews conducted by 15 CGIAR centers, the SED-CoP will create an ontology of socio-economic concepts; standardize a set of key indicators through survey questions so responses are meaningful to all centers; and build a blueprint for interoperability so the information is useful to other domains.


CoP Lead

Gideon Kruseman
From the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) in Texcoco, México.