[WEBINAR] Use of Ontologies by BASF and KWS


April 27, 2020

3:00 PM CEST (UTC + 1:00)

–  April 27, 2020

April 27, 2020   3:00 PM CEST (UTC + 1:00)

April 27, 2020   

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Title: Use of Ontologies by BASF and KWS
Date: 27 April 2020
Time: 3:00 PM CEST (UTC + 1:00)

Welcome to the second webinar of our  series, “How Agricultural Industry Uses Ontologies.” This series is a forum for the Ontologies CoP members of the agricultural industry to share their knowledge of ontology and other semantics tools they have been using for years.

During this webinar, Stefanie De Bodt will present ontologies used at BASF and how the company foster user’s contribution. Bjoern Oest Hansen will talk about KWS group’s knowledge graph supporting candidate genes discovery and the ontologies employed.


Stefanie De Bodt

Project Lead at BASF



Bjoern Oest Hansen

Data Scientist at KWS Group



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Please mute your microphone when you are not speaking in order to minimize background noise.