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To the CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture Communities of Practice

As problems in society have become more complex and the nature of solutions more independent, extension systems have increased pressure to work across traditional expertise, as well as geographic and institutional boundaries to leverage maximum impact from resources. In response to this pressure, networks and communities need to emerge as the basis for solving problems rather than single institutions.

The Platform’s communities of practice (CoP’s), which are part of the Platform’s Module 2: Convene, aim to leverage technology and new data resources to create broader and deeper impact in programming, as well as to build capacity internally and externally on big data approaches in agriculture.

The Platform established these Communities of Practice (CoPs) across Centers to work towards defining data standards and interoperability protocols, dovetailed with the Open Access and Open Data initiatives of the System Management Office.

They foster collaboration spaces and opportunities, facilitate connectivity and sharing of methodologies, and support the organization of capacity-building workshops.


Community News

USAID case study highlights CIAT’s data-driven agronomy work

An overview of how CIAT is using data analytics to help farmers make better on-farm decisions.

Aligning needs with solutions: Data-driven agricultural innovation for Vietnam’s farmers

Vietnam’s technology innovators and farmers convened at a workshop to gain a deeper appreciation of the challenges in the field on the one hand, and existing technology solutions on the other.

If Mary has a little lamb, who should know about it?

The GDPR and data science for agricultural development are at odds when it comes to delivering personalized products for the public good.

Data cleaning, the unsexy but essential aspect of data science

Data scientists need to be more serious about standardization, to make data interoperable, says Daniel Jimenez.

Here’s how to do bean breeding the climate-smart way

‘We need to do ‘preemptive breeding’ if we want to sustain bean production under the more erratic climate of the future’

The Global Biodiversity Informatics Outlook: delivering biodiversity knowledge in the information age

The Global Biodiversity Informatics Outlook is a new framework to deliver biodiversity knowledge. Find out more about how it will help gather unprecedented evidence about biodiversity and inform better decisions.

Harmonizing crop trait data: Crop Ontology

Crop Ontology provides scientists and breeders with a common language that describes crop phenotypes and interprets descriptions provided by farmers for the performance of the varieties they prefer.

A vision for the data-driven agronomy community of practice

Daniel Jimenez on how Data-driven agronomy community of practice will advance data-driven agronomy to support the farmers, technicians and researchers committed to meet the Sustainable Development Goals.

Data sharing is essential for Global Crop Improvement Network to address crop challenges

Standardizing data is central to the success of the Global Crop Improvement Network to improve global integration of crop research.