Youth in Data


Our commitment

The future of food is young, and full of potential. If we are to achieve a sustainable food future, it is vital that today´s youth are able to access the agricultural research sector and that pathways are provided for them to contribute to the transformation needed.

The CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture is working towards creating these pathways and opportunities.

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Youth in Data Connect

Connecting youth-led initiatives with industry partners.

“We want to see more youth moving up the value chain. We don’t want to see millions of youth working on the farm. That is not the future of Africa’s youth. The future of Africa’s youth is higher up the value chain – in the service sector, retailing, designing food products – in more profitable agribusinesses that can take on the very best agribusinesses around the world. It is our job to ensure that the youth thrive.”

Debisi Araba

Regional Director for Africa, CIAT

“I believe that everyone has the responsibility to take action and work towards goals they believe in. Youth have a special ability to impact the world, as they are the leaders of the future. ”

Lillian Peterson

BIG DATA Platform Ambassador , Los Alamos High School Student

“Youths are integral to shaping the food secure future and we want to connect them with the right networks that can empower them to do so. It is our goal to equip them to develop new solutions leveraging their own perspectives”

Brian King

Coordinator , CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture

“The notion of the smallholder farmer – hoe in hand, tilling the land – is living on borrowed time. Future farmers will be young agripreneurs with a smartphone in one hand and the controls to a drone in the other.”

Andy Jarvis

Co-Founder / Director, Decision and Policy Analysis Research Area, CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture / CIAT

Youth in Data Workshops


At the Platform’s 2018 Convention we hosted the first Youth in Data Media Workshop we hope to run each year.

The aim of the workshop was to engage youths working in digital agriculture on how to use media to communicate important data-related work, and for those already working in media, to show them how to better report on digital agriculture projects.

We invited 10 young Kenyans from the Nairobi area to be our media delegates.

They participated in a media training workshop where they learned how to engage effectively on social media and how to find and report on data stories. During the convention they interviewed and swapped ideas with experts about the role youths will play in the future of agriculture. Here is a selection of their articles and video interviews with convention participants.

Read and watch articles and videos produced by the 2018 Youth in Data delegates


For the second year of our annual Youth in Data Workshop, we received over 80 applications and enrolled 30 delegates to participate in the 2019 Convention.

This event builds on the launch of our new BIG DATA youth initiatives, as we work to engage youth in digital agriculture, and to engage with youth already in the sector, in a meaningful way.

The 2019 Youth in Data group was composed of students from enginering and journalism universities local to Hyderabad, as well as PhD scholars from the ICRISAT campus.

The workshop introduces participants to important themes around digital agriculture and how using big data approaches to agricultural development can accelerate food security goals. Delegates were also trained in how to use digital media as a powerful tool to communicate about development, learning the basics of social media, interviewing, blog writing, data reporting, and other media skills.

Delegates were able to apply their newly-acquired skills during the convention, they engaged on social media, interviewed leading industry experts, speakers and 2019 Inspire Challenge finalists, and wrote blogs on topics of their choice.

Read and watch articles and videos produced by the 2019 Youth in Data delegates


Data interpretation made me find agriculture very interesting and have a wider perspective beyond land preparation, planting and harvesting.

Grace Waithira

Data is the new exciting currency, every youth should acquire and apply it.

Ann Wavinya

Be ready to learn and share ideas that will push digital data driven platforms.

Olumide Idowu