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To our CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture social media toolkit! The Platform is where information becomes power: power to predict, prescribe, and produce more food, more sustainably.

This is an exciting new frontier in agricultural research-for-development, where we aim to increase the impact of agricultural development by embracing big data approaches to solve development problems faster, better and at greater scale than before.

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@CGIAR Platform 4 #BigDatainAg: A platform to convene

Join a global partnership= 15 @CGIAR Centers + 12 @CGIAR Research programs + > 48 partners. Learn more #BigDatainAg

#Did you know: Ag is #23 out of 23 sectors in terms of digitalization in the USA @CGIAR @IFPRI @CIAT_ #UntappedPotential

#Fact: Goddard Space Flight Center lists 2271 Satellites currently in orbit #BigData

#Fact: 570 million farms worldwide: 72% < 1 hectare #BigDatainAg

#Fact: It is estimated that 2.5 trillion gigabytes of data are generated each day #BigData

#Didyouknow?: Every year @CGIAR surveys 180,000 smallholder farmers #BigDatinAg #Untappedpotential

@CGIAR Platform 4 #BigDatainAg to generate actionable data-driven insights for stakeholders  @CIAT_ @IFPRI


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CGIAR Big Data in Agriculture Convention 2017

An Alliance for a Data Revolution

We are excited to inform you of our first annual CGIAR Big Data in Agriculture Convention taking place in Cali, Colombia, from 19 to 22 September 2017.

The event will be hosted by the International Center for Tropical Agriculture, CIAT and gather together the community of scientists, researchers, technologists, development experts, policy analysts, donors, advocates, change agents, last mile implementers, and many others to a convention at the intersection of big data and agriculture.

The goal is embracing big data approaches to solve agricultural development problems faster, better and at a greater scale than ever before.

The Platform embraces the power of big data analytics, supporting CGIAR as it becomes a leader in generating actionable data-driven insights for stakeholders. It builds capacity throughout CGIAR to generate and manage big data, assisting CGIAR and its partners’ efforts to comply with open access / open data principles to unlock important research and datasets.

It empowers researchers to strengthen data analytical capacity, developing practical big data tools and services in a coordinated way, and it addresses critical gaps, both organizational and technical, expanding the horizon of CGIAR research.

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Event : 19-22 September 2017