Looking for more information about our upcoming 2020 Convention?

Please consult our FAQs below. If your query is not included, please email us at bigdata@cgiar.org for further information.

I am having trouble registering. What should I do?

Register via Eventbrite here. None of the following steps will be possible until you are registered. Make sure to register with the email you want to be connected to your Whova profile.

The 2020 CGIAR Convention on Big Data in Agriculture is a fully online virtual event, hosted on the Whova event platform. After registering on Eventbrite, login to Whova on this Convention page. When logging in, make sure to use the same email address you used when registering on Eventbrite. Once you have logged in, you can set up your profile and select the sessions for your agenda. Here is a helpful video showing how to do that.










While you can access the event via your web browser, you should download the app to be able to fully engage as not all app features are available on the desktop version. You can download the app following this link.

I have registered on Eventbrite and secured my ticket. What's next?

Make sure you sign up for a Whova account, with the same email used to register on Eventbrite before you try to sign in to the Whova Platform.

I have followed the steps and still can't access the event.

  • Check that the email address used for registering on Eventbrite is the same email address used for the Whova platform.
  • After registering for the event on Eventbrite, you can also go straight to the Whova event page and register with the same email address.
  • Clear your browser’s cache and cookies if you are still having some issues.

What is the timezone of the conference?

The 2020 CGIAR Convention on Big Data in Agriculture is held in the CEST/GMT+2 timezone. The agenda will be displayed in your timezone on the mobile app. You can toggle between your timezone and the event’s timezone from the conference  app.

On what date does the conference start?

The conference officially begins on October 21, 2020. For more information about the schedule, please visit our information page.

What internet speed do I need for the conference?

As this event is a mix of live and pre-recorded sessions, we recommend you have at least 1 Mbps. You can check on the status of your own connection by running an internet speed test, which will provide you with a measurement for both download and upload speeds. For the purposes of streaming, you want to pay careful attention to the download speed here, as this is the data you’ll be using.

Which mobile app will the conference use? Do I need it?

The event will use online conferencing platform Whova, which you can download from Google Play (Android devices) or the App Store (iOS devices) free of charge. You don’t need the app to participate in the conference, but we recommend it as it offers extra options for participation and networking, session reminders, etc. 

How can I increase/decrease event notifications?

You can click your icon/picture in the Whova mobile app, go to settings and customize the notifications you would like to receive. You can also turn off your profile visibility in settings.

In what languages can I watch the conference?

The 2020 CGIAR Convention on Big Data in Agriculture shall only be broadcasted in English. 

Will the sessions be recorded and available to access after the event?

Selected sessions will be available on the BIG DATA website at a minimum of two weeks after the conference has ended.

Any other tips for having a positive and engaging experience?

Yes! We understand that the rules of engagement for a virtual event can differ greatly from an in-person event. To help you navigate this, we have put together this helpful resource on conference etiquette.