AgriTech Lab

The agriculture sector has the capacity to create multiple jobs for youths in Nigeria. However, poor access to capital, land and labour can deter young people from engaging in agribusiness.

AgriTech Lab is a cohort-based, modular and immersive in-class/field training course that leverages blended learning to provide Agtech skills and education to foster youth inclusion in Agriculture sector, job creation and increasing rate of youth-led agribusinesses in Nigeria.

The project was launched in 2018 against the backdrop of high youth unemployment as a youth empowerment programme in Nigeria and has since be executed in 2 Nigerian states with over 200 youths participating in the programme.

During our first AgriTech Lab workshops in May/June 2019, participants learnt about the use of emerging technologies such as blockchain, drones, mobile agriculture and soilless farming. Since then, AgriTech Lab has been upgraded to train youths in the following areas: Blockchain Commodity Trading, Soilless Farming, Agriculture Marketing, Greenhouse Farming and Farm Management.

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200 Youths engaged

Drone use | Extension services | Blockchain

How can you help AgriTech Lab?

For follow-up editions of AgriTech Lab, we are looking for partners who can join our Faculty to share their expertise in drone technology, big data, cloud computing, machine learning and Internet of Things to expand the focus of the programme and include drone use and data management.

We are also looking for partners who can provide internship/job placements for participants of AgriTech Lab.