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Crop Modeling


To the Crop Modeling Community of Practice

The Community of Practice on Crop Modeling (CoPCM) is part of the CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture and encompasses a wide range of quantitative applications, based around the broad concept of parametrizing interactions within and among the main drivers of cropping system.

The CM-CoP formed in 2017 and is led by Wheat Physiologist Matthew Reynolds at the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) in El Batán, Mexico.

This space can be used as a discussion area, share and request relevant information and contribute towards building the community as a whole.

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Mar 24

3rd Agriculture and Climate Change conference

March 24, 2019 - March 26, 2019

Community News

Here’s how to do bean breeding the climate-smart way

‘We need to do ‘preemptive breeding’ if we want to sustain bean production under the more erratic climate of the future’

Data sharing is essential for Global Crop Improvement Network to address crop challenges

Standardizing data is central to the success of the Global Crop Improvement Network to improve global integration of crop research.

Scientists harness genetics to develop more “solar”- and structurally-productive wheat

Partners in the International Wheat Yield Partnership (IWYP) are finding evidence that increased photosynthesis, through high biomass, improvements in photosynthetic efficiency, and improved plant architecture, can help make wheat more productive.

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