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Geospatial Data




To the GeoSpatial Data Community of Practice

The Community of Practice on Geospatial data is led by IFPRI and has been launched as a part of the CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture.

This community facilitates CGIAR’s research using geospatial data and analysis, undertaking activities to bring spatial scientists together through coordinated communication, community-developed products, and the convening of members at various events to represent CGIAR in the geospatial domain of expertise.

This space can be used as a discussion area, share and request relevant information and contribute towards building the community as a whole.


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There are no upcoming events at this time.

Community News

EGU 2018: Numerous sessions on applications of geosciences data offered

Sessions on big data theme largely addressed the current mismatch between increasing explosion of large volumes of data that outstretch the existing storage and processing capabilities.

A Note from the GEO4SDGs Conference

To fully take advantage of the vast amount of geospatial data from new sources, we should invest in ourselves on the AI and machine learning techniques, or develop a technical partnership.

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