Looking for more information about our upcoming 2019 Convention?

Please consult our FAQs below. If your query is not included, please email us at bigdata@cgiar.org for further information.

Visa Information


Hotel accommodation for participants has been reserved at the Trident, Hyderabad hotel at a reduced rate for 12-21 October. Book your room with this link to take advantage of the discount. Alternatively, you can contact the hotel directly with reference to the event.


Attendees will be responsible for their own transport to and from the airport. We recommend that you organize transport ahead of time with the hotel where you will stay.

Food & Dining

Lunch and snacks will be provided to all participants throughout the meeting.

Dietary requirements can be select when registering for the Convention through Eventbrite. For any additional queries please contact bigdata@cgiar.org.


We’re working to ensure that the Convention is accessible for all. Please contact bigdata@cgiar.org with any inquiries or requests regarding the facilities and services available at the Trident Hotel and ICRISAT campus.

New Mother Needs

Childcare services will not be provided, but breastfeeding and change spaces will be made available. Please contact bigdata@cgiar.org for more details.

IT Support at the Hotel & ICRISAT

Internet connectivity is available at the Trident Hotel. Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) support will be provided throughout the convention.

Medical, Insurance & Emergency

Medical advice and assistance is the responsibility of the participant. We recommend that you speak to your medical practitioner about your travel plans, specifically regarding vaccinations or other precautions, before your trip.

Convention Venue & Registration

The meeting will take place at the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) HQ offices located at Patancheru 502324 Telangana, Hyderabad, India during 16-18 October 2019.

Registration will take place at ICRISAT. Upon registration, you will be provided with a convention name tag which you will be required to produce at the ICRISAT main gate. Please wear your nametag at all times while at the ICRISAT campus.

Coffee & Tea

Coffee and tea will be available each day throughout the convention.


The currency is the Indian rupee (INR). The Indian rupee is freely exchangeable, and most major facilities/shopping outlets accept major credit cards.


Telephone (including mobile phone), fax, and internet/email services are widely available. The dialing code for India is +91, and city code for Hyderabad is 020. Local SIM cards are widely available from accredited shops. To purchase one, you will need to provide your passport details or national identification details.


Adapters: India uses socket types C, D, and M.

Emergency Contacts

For any security concerns or questions, please use the contact information below.

Security Supervisor: +91 76749 33879   

Lead Security Officer: + 91 96764 95389   

Head of Operations: + 91 95605 88812