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Building intelligence about digital food system interventions to inform for greater impact

The Digital Innovations in Food Systems Evidence Clearing House  aims to showcase all kinds of digital tools – not just big data – that will help practitioners easily identify mature technologies and entry-points for them in agri-food systems, and to monitor how emergent technologies are evolving on the innovation frontier. The Platform will highlight both Interventions and Evidence on the food system.

The clearing house builds on an effort first developed under the USAID initiative “Digital Development for Feed the Future.”

Featured interventions

FarmForce: Digital management of smallholders to enable sustainable agricultural sourcing

FarmForce aims to deliver digital solutions to secure sustainable sourcing, improve farmer quality of life and protect the environment. Launched...
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FarmForce: Digital management of smallholders to enable sustainable agricultural sourcing

PRIDE™ (Progressive Rural Integrated Digital Enterprise)

The PRIDE™ (Progressive Rural Integrated Digital Enterprise) is a platform powered by the TCS mKRISHI® and designed to enhance the...
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PRIDE™ (Progressive Rural Integrated Digital Enterprise)

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The Crop Ontology (CO) is developed collaboratively with partners in response to the need of digital breeding tools to have access to valid lists of defined crop traits and variables.


Extensio provides smallholder farmers with critical information for decision making via SMS and WhatsApp. The powerful digital platform captures weather data, parcel-level information, best agricultural practices, market knowledge and transforms it into automatic or pre-programmed SMS and WhatsApp messages customized to the needs of each farmer.

Country/ies: Colombia, Mexico

GeoFarmer is a user-friendly and flexible tool to gather field data for evidence building for implementation of agricultural development projects. The GeoFarmer app is designed to support experience exchanges (positive or negative) between farmers.

Country/ies: Bangladesh, Colombia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Nepal, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda, Vietnam

Digital platform offering users information about: historical weather, climate prediction, historical crop performance and crop prediction. The tool provides a reliable climate information service to farmer associations, making it easy to access agro-climate information, in a precise and timely manner.

Country/ies: Colombia, Ethiopia

DigiFarm is an integrated mobile platform that offers farmers convenient, one-stop access to a suite of products, including financial and credit services, quality farm products and customized information on farming best practices. DigiFarm helps agribusinesses and small holding farmers share information and transact business.

Country/ies: Kenya

The FOT tool is made up of the Optimizer tool, that works alongside other two complementary tools: nutrient substitution table, and a fertilizer calibration. FOT utilized Excel and an optimization algorithm used to predict the crop-nutrient rate options that could maximize profit.

Country/ies: Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Mali, Malawi, Mozambique, Niger, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia

Type(s) of digital intervention: Decision support agriculture