GARDIAN enables data discovery across CGIAR and beyond

GARDIAN, the BIG DATA Platform’s powerful search engine, helps CGIAR get its data together.

The Global Agricultural Research Data Innovation & Acceleration Network, GARDIAN, is the CGIAR flagship data harvester. The search tool enables the discovery of publications and datasets from more than thirty institutional publications and data repositories across the CGIAR Centers, enabling value addition and innovation via data reuse.

Among the goodies that GARDIAN harvests are two geo-referenced datasets: genebank accession localities from Genesys and 2005 crop production, harvested area, and yield. Below, for example, is irrigated harvested area (grey-black) and genebanks accessions (dark green) for rice in part of Asia.

There are nearly 250 documents featuring the word “genebank” for users to explore.

Read more about GARDIAN and its uses on the Aricultural Biodiversity Weblog.

June 24, 2019

Luigi Guarino

Agricultural Biodiversity Weblog
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